Bring on the Lasagna!

Bring on the Lasagna!

From Chicken Soup for the Breast Cancer Survivor's Soul

Bring on the Lasagna!

Strange to see how a good dinner and feasting reconciles everybody.

Samuel Pepys

There must be some healing properties in lasagna; ask anyone who has ever been sick or in need about all the lasagna that suddenly appears in their life.

After Ian brought me home from the hospital following my mastectomy, we found the principal and a fellow teacher sitting on our front lawn. After hugs and tears of joy, the principal said, “I’ve brought dinner for your family.” We were very grateful for the homemade meat lasagna, especially since it lasted for two meals.

The next lasagna came from my classroom. I had been fortunate enough to be able to teach my third-grade class through almost six months of chemotherapy.

My room mother showed up after school with a large bag. Inside were meals for my family purchased from a popular Italian restaurant in our area: two lasagnas, one meat and one vegetarian.

I believe the third, fourth and fifth lasagnas came from church. Before the start of chemotherapy, someone from the Women’s Ministry called and told us that various church members would provide our family with meals. The food would be left inside the refrigerator in the church kitchen, and we could pick it up at our convenience. The meals could be kept in our freezer and reheated, which really helped out during those times when I was just too weak or sick to cook. We enjoyed homemade meatballs, chicken casserole . . . and lots of lasagna!

Maybe the ancient Italians put in some secret ingredient akin to whatever Grandma puts in the chicken soup. The “healing properties” of lasagna must have worked because I have been cancer free ever since.

Lorna Maxwell

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