Ten-Dollar Bills and Roses

Ten-Dollar Bills and Roses

From Chicken Soup for the College Soul

Ten-Dollar Bills and Roses

Once a week, every week without fail, the envelopes arrived. Each college student from the small church received an anonymous envelope. Inside was a handwritten prayer and a brand-new, crisp ten-dollar bill.

When Abigail was moved to a nursing home, friends made a great discovery. They found a shoebox that contained a list of college students from her church, as well as envelopes, some leftover stamps and a few brand-new, crisp ten-dollar bills.

Word got out among the members of the congregation. Soon after, each college student sent one carefully wrapped red rose every week, with a handwritten prayer attached.

Abigail unwrapped each of the packages every week. She told the staff she was as proud of her “prayer charges” as if they were her own children, had she been blessed with them.

She never thought of herself as childless. She and dozens of former college students knew differently. After many years of giving anonymously, Abigail was rewarded with love and appreciation, one rose at a time.

Mary J. Davis

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