From the Heart of a Blessed Temple

From the Heart of a Blessed Temple

From Chicken Soup for the College Soul

From the Heart of a Blessed Temple

Black kids from the projects do not go to college

Nineteen hundred and sixty-five,

Was this really the year to come alive?

I asked my guidance counselor, “Can I go?”

Her answer was an emphatic “No!

To college black kids do not go!”

I believed her.

She lied.

She said, “Black kids fromthe projects do not go to college.”

So I didn’t.

Thirty years later . . .

She’ll never know.

To college I finally did go. (Bachelor of Science, Human Resources Management, Master’s Degree in Ministerial Biblical Studies, Doctor of Divinity Degree in Life Concentration: Missions)

Why did she lie?

Why did I believe her?

God had a master plan.

That I truly did not understand.

The next time he or she says to you, “No way, man!”

You tell them for me, and for you . . .

“Yes I can! Yes I can!! Yes I can!!!”

B. T. Thomas

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