My Nurse Angel

My Nurse Angel

From Chicken Soup for the Military Wife's Soul

My Nurse Angel

You have to leave room in life to dream.

Buffy Sainte-Marie

The Georgia air was thick as the young mother-to-be and her husband entered the hospital. The girl was eight months pregnant and running a fever.

A nurse with warm brown skin and a caring smile ushered them into the examination room and sent the nervous young soldier into the waiting area so the staff could examine his wife. After the exam, the nurse explained to the girl that she had a virus, but she and the baby would be fine if she got some rest.

The young woman with the bulging belly began to cry softly. You see, she was a newlywed, married only six months when she found out that she would be a mother. In addition, she and her new husband had left their hometown, the place where they were both born and raised, to begin a new life in the military. They were young, inexperienced and new to the ways of the army.

As the girl cried, the nurse spoke, her voice tender yet stern. “Now, you listen here, baby. You gonna be just fine, and, in about two weeks, you gonna be up here to have that baby, and I’ll be right here with you. Don’t you worry none now. I’ll be right here.”

The girl blinked and dried her eyes. “But how will you know I’m here?” she asked. “Do you work here on the labor-and-delivery floor?”

“No, honey. I work at the other end of the hall. Don’t you worry about that. I’ll just know you’re here. Now, you go on home. Make Daddy take good care of you, and I’ll see you soon enough.”

This gave comfort to the young army wife, and she thought several times of the woman with the warm smile. The days ticked by until it was time to go to the hospital again. Her labor progressed and she continued with natural labor, breathing and being coached by her husband. As the pain increased, there, alongside one of the birth attendants, she saw the same warm, caring lady with the pretty smile.

“I told you I’d be here, now, didn’t I?” she asked.

The young mother was so very happy to see a familiar face, as she didn’t know anyone who was helping her, nor did she have any idea which doctor would actually deliver the baby. A pain soon gripped her and her special nurse helped, coaxing and soothing her along with her husband. She praised the laboring girl and assured her that she wouldn’t leave until the hard work was finished.

After a few hours of labor, it was time to be wheeled into the delivery room, leaving the nurse behind.

In the delivery room, the baby quickly entered this world; the young man and his bride were so awed by their new baby girl! Perfect! So healthy and strong, and, like every baby, a miracle from the Maker of us all. The overwhelming emotions of parenthood overtook the couple as they watched and held their newborn baby. Soon, the baby began to nurse and the girl’s mother arrived to help care for the new family.

The young mother asked one of the nurses about the nurse who had helped her so much, but none of the nurses knew who she was talking about.

As I talked with my husband Rick about writing this story, I mentioned that special nurse, the one who had coached me through that tough exam and childbirth, the one I had never been able to thank properly.

He looked at me and paused a moment. Very softly he said, “Lisa, I surely remember your labor, but I never saw her.”

Today, I am an army wife of seventeen years, a mother of three and a registered nurse of eleven years. We have lived on three continents, met many incredible people and have had many wonderful experiences. We have been blessed by God, as we strive to serve him and bring honor to him in all that we do each and every day. He continues to provide us with all that we need, just like he did fifteen years ago with my nurse angel.

Lisa Cobb

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