A Chain of Love

A Chain of Love

From Chicken Soup for the Military Wife's Soul

A Chain of Love

I do not teach children. I give them joy.

Isadora Duncan

I had read many books and articles about dealing with a spouse’s deployment and keeping kids happy and positive during those trying times, and came up with our “Chain of Love.” Every day, my son and I would cut a piece of colorful construction paper into five large strips. On one side of the strip, we would write the date and the number of days his daddy has been gone. On the other side, we would write how we felt that day. Our messages to Daddy have ranged from, “We love you and miss you,” “We hope that Daddy is being careful and staying safe,” to “We are having a bad day today, and we wish Daddy was here to comfort us.”

By linking them together, we have connected all these strips into a paper chain that hangs in the living room of our house. We started on one end, near the entrance of our home, and are continuing around until the chain meets its beginning. This is something that my son looks forward to and really enjoys doing. We have made it an everyday ritual. After breakfast every morning, we choose the next color strip and write our message to Daddy. We have taken pictures of our chain and sent them periodically to Jim so he can see that our Chain of Love grows every day that he is gone. He enjoys the photos and is looking forward to coming home and reading every message we wrote for him.

At the beginning, it was hard for my son to express how he felt. However, as the days have gone by, it has become easier for him. He sees this as an opportunity to talk to his daddy and tell him how he feels, especially because the phone calls are so scarce. The chain starts at the entrance of our home and will end there—and on the day that he walks through that front door, it will demonstrate every tear, smile, hug and kiss that he missed while he was serving proudly for our freedom.

He will know that our separation did not break our Chain of Love.

Tammy C. Logan

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