Daddy’s Angels

Daddy’s Angels

From Chicken Soup for the Military Wife's Soul

Daddy’s Angels

Only she who attempts the absurd can achieve the impossible.

Robin Morgan

“Dear Lord, could you please send two angels to protect my daddy? I don’t mean to be selfish but, you see, he is six foot five. He may need the wings of both of them to completely cover him. Please let their wings shield him when the guns are fired and the rockets are shot. Let him know that he is protected and give him comfort. Amen.”

I asked my girls to pray this prayer every day while my husband was gone, and I repeated a similar prayer many times throughout the day.

Two weeks after my husband’s return from Baghdad, he told a story of how he returned to his trailer after midnight and felt that there was an intruder in his small living quarters. When his search revealed nothing, he prepared for bed with a great feeling of peace and comfort. One hour later he was awakened by the sound of rapid gunfire. Lying on his belly with his weapon drawn, he told us how he was never afraid.

My daughter asked him how this was possible.

My husband told her that he could feel someone in the room protecting him. Actually, he said, it felt more like two. My daughter’s eyes grew wide as she looked at me and said quietly, “Daddy’s angels.”

This was the first my husband had heard of our special prayer for him.

Tammy Ross

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