Thank You

Thank You

From Chicken Soup for the Military Wife's Soul

Thank You

Just to be is a blessing. Just to live is holy.

Rabbi Abraham Heschel

During my husband’s yearlong deployment to Iraq, we received many words of encouragement from friends, family and a surprising number of strangers. In fact, it was a person I had never met who gave me the boost I needed to endure the long separation and endless, worrisome nights.

In Iraq, part of Brian’s job was to locate contractors to make necessary repairs to the public facilities in his unit’s area of responsibility. One of those facilities was the Hiba Down’s Syndrome School. It was a school founded by Mr. and Mrs. Mansur, whose daughter Hiba was born with Down’s syndrome. The school had been damaged in the war, and the teachers hadn’t been paid in several months.

Brian visited the Hiba school frequently to ensure that the repairs were being done and that all the needs of the school were addressed. On one particular visit, he had the great pleasure of giving paychecks to the teachers and Mrs. Mansur, the headmistress. He told me about the joy and gratitude they expressed to him on that day. In fact, with that little bit of money, Mrs. Mansur purchased a small wrapped package, which she gave to Brian on his next visit. But the gift was not for him. Instead, she instructed Brian to send the little gift to me.

Me?! What did I do? Nothing! I just stayed here hoping and praying that Brian would survive another day. The gift wasn’t anything expensive or exotic. It was a simple bracelet and necklace made of the thinnest metal I had ever seen. But the short handwritten note that accompanied the gift brings tears to my eyes each time I think of it. It read: “Thank you for your husband.” That is the kind of encouragement we all need. We know that it’s worth it; it’s just nice to hear that somebody else appreciates it.

Kristin Spurlock

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