A Nurse’s Prayer

A Nurse’s Prayer

From Chicken Soup for the Nurse's Soul Second Dose

A Nurse’s Prayer

Lord, as I go to work today
I sense that You are near.
Here on my knees, I bow my head
In hopes that You might hear.

Oh Lord, I’m just a simple nurse
And humbly now I pray
That with Your help, I will make
A difference today.

Let me give them comfort, Lord
At times when things are rough
And give me courage to go on
When I have had enough.

Let me say just one kind word
That, in sadness, brings a smile
And give me time, that with the lonely
I can talk a while.

Let me touch one single life.
Let me ease one single pain.
Let me lend my shoulder to cry upon
When tears freely fall like rain.

Lord, guide my simple words today
When it’s answers that they seek.
Give me strength to carry on
When my body’s tired and weak.

Let me ease one broken heart.
Let me soothe one crying child.
Give me calm when chaos breaks
And everything turns wild.

Ease the shaking of my hands.
My spirit, please renew.
And when it seems there is no hope
Let me put my faith in You.

Let them see compassion, Lord
Each time I shed a tear.
And when, in death, I hold their hand
Let them feel Your presence near.

I ask this all of You, dear Lord
As on my knees, I pray.
But most of all, I ask of You
Help me make it through the day!

Ruth Kephart

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