To School Nurses

To School Nurses

From Chicken Soup for the Nurse's Soul Second Dose

To School Nurses

All us kids think you are swell.

You care for us when we’re not well.

You give us icepacks for our heads.

You let us rest on little beds.

You give us tissues for our nose.

And check for splinters in our toes.

When we fall and break a bone,

You call our moms on the phone.

Our pierced ears you disinfect,

When infection you suspect.

If we bring notes, you give us pills,

To cure all our assorted ills.

You help us when our throats are sore,

And when we throw up on the floor.

When we’re hot, you take our temps.

You never make us feel like wimps.

You show us that you really care.

School is better ’cause you are there.

Ellen Javernick

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