67: Pink Toilet Paper

67: Pink Toilet Paper

From Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Multitasking Mom's Survival Guide

Pink Toilet Paper

You will find more happiness growing down than up.

~Author Unknown

My younger daughter had just turned five when I took her grocery shopping with me one October day. As we rounded the corner to the paper products aisle, her eyes lit up. Behold, there on display was the most beautiful toilet paper she had ever seen, for it was pink.

During breast cancer awareness month, the toilet paper company had turned their product pink, with a portion of each sale’s proceeds helping to fund research to find a cure. And my daughter simply had to have it. She begged and pleaded with her very sweetest pretty-pleases. Of course I granted her request, explaining that it was pink to raise awareness and that some of the money we were paying was going towards finding a cure. My mother-in-law had fought and won the battle with breast cancer a few years back, as did her mother when she was even younger, so we always took every opportunity to teach our daughters about the disease, and about the legacy of strong women that preceded them.

The lesson was taught, and we continued through the store with my little girl perched in the cart, clinging to her package of pink toilet paper. I guess simply placing it among the common groceries was out of the question for a product of this magnitude. She could not contain her excitement, and rambled on and on through the aisles about how thrilled the rest of the family would be when she shared her treasure with them. On the way out, she recounted to the cashier everything she could remember about the meaning of the colored toilet paper. Her passion spread among the other customers, and several more packages went through the checkouts that morning. Later that day, amidst all the exciting news of our busy outing, the toilet paper would top her list of things to share with her dad and sister when they arrived home.

She carried the tower of toilet paper into the house herself, a great accomplishment considering the package stood as tall as she did, and dragged it upstairs to unpack while I hauled in the rest of the groceries. After I had everything put away, I went up to check on my little girl’s progress with her mission.

I walked into the bathroom to find all the rolls neatly stacked in the cupboard, in the shape of a lovely castle.

“It’s sure fun to have a different colored toilet paper, isn’t it?” I asked, trying to match her enthusiasm.

“It’s not just that, Mom…” she began in all seriousness as she ceremoniously replaced a half-used white roll on the holder with a new pink one, “Every time I use it, I will remember to pray for all those people who are fighting this cancer right now.”

~Jaime Schreiner

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