Words to Love By

Words to Love By

From Chicken Soup for Every Mom's Soul

Words to Love By

God has sent the family—together as husband and wife and children—to be his love.

I once picked up a child of six or seven in the street and took her to Shishu Bhavin (a children’s home) and gave her a bath, some clothes and some nice food. That evening the child ran away.

We took the child a second and a third time, and she ran away.

After the third time I sent a sister to follow her. The sister found the child sitting with her mother and sister under a tree. There was a little dish there and the mother was cooking food she had picked up from the streets.

They were cooling there.

They were eating there.

They were sleeping there.

It was their home.

And then we understood why the child ran away. The mother just loved that child. And the child loved the mother. They were so beautiful to each other.

The child said “bari jabo”—it was her home.

Her mother was her home.

Mother Teresa

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