Billy the Brave

Billy the Brave

From Chicken Soup for Every Mom's Soul

Billy the Brave

As young Billy Spade lay down in his bed,

His mom sat beside him and happily said,

“Tonight’s your big moment, your very own room.

Your brother’s at Grandma’s, in bed I assume.

When I was a girl, my room was my own.

I know that it’s scary to sleep all alone.”

“Scary?” said Billy, a smile on his face.

“No way would I ever be scared of this place.

You may have forgotten, I’m brave Billy Spade.

Nothing could scare me, ’cause I’m not afraid.

If a lion came over and knocked on my door,

Then let himself in and started to roar,

Then stood there and growled with claws and teeth bared,

I wouldn’t be frightened. I wouldn’t be scared.

I’d walk over to him, and grab his big snout,

And look in his eyes, then I’d start to shout.

‘Look here Mr. Lion,’ I’d say without fear,

‘You better stop growling and get out of here!

No sound you might make, and no thing you might do

Could possibly scare me. I’m not scared of you.’

Then the lion, just knowing that he had been beat,

Would turn and start running. He’d make his retreat.

That big, silly lion should never have dared.

I wouldn’t be frightened. I wouldn’t be scared.”

“You’re a very brave boy,” said Billy Spade’s mom.

“But when the room’s dark, and silent, and calm,

And you’re all alone, why you just may find

That frightening thoughts may enter your mind.”

“No way!” said Billy, “not Billy the Brave,

For even if monsters came out of their cave,

And into my bedroom in one of my dreams,

I know that it’s not all as bad as it seems.

With big ugly faces, sharp toothed and long-haired . . .

I wouldn’t be frightened. I wouldn’t be scared.

I’d walk right up to them and yell ‘You’re not real!

Get out of my room!’ and then they’d start to squeal.

‘We’re sorry! We’re sorry!’ they’d rant and they’d rave,

As they’d back through the door and they’d carefully wave,

And then they’d run screaming on back to their cave,

Just glad to escape from Billy the Brave.

So as you see Mom, I think I have made,

My point very clear, that I’m not afraid.

Even if aliens from a planet called Zed,

Came into my room with six eyes on their head.

Or a ghost floated in, and said to me ‘Boo!’

I’d say to them all ‘I’m not scared of you!’

You see Mom, it’s useless for you to have cared.

I wouldn’t be frightened. I wouldn’t be scared.”

“Okay,” said his mother, “I hope you sleep tight.

You’re a very brave boy and I love you, good night.”

And with that she walked out and closed Billy’s door.

So no one was inside his room any more.

And as Billy lay there, he started to think.

And while he was thinking, he slept not a wink.

He thought about lions, with claws and teeth bared.

He thought about monsters, sharp toothed and long-haired.

He thought about aliens from a planet called Zed.

He just couldn’t rid all these thoughts from his head!

He thought about ghosts coming in saying “Boo!”

Then what do you think that Billy might do?

He jumped out of bed, and he ran to his mom,

Where she lay asleep, all quiet and calm.

Then he jumped into her bed where she calmly lay,

Just in case she got frightened, or she got afraid.

J. T. Fenn
Submitted by Malinda Young

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