My Heart Is Telling Me

My Heart Is Telling Me

From Chicken Soup for the Latter-day Saint Soul

My Heart Is Telling Me

For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he . . .

Prov. 23:7

I was visiting my old ward for fast and testimony meeting; my heart was bursting as I told the following story:

Our house was a mess, and it was time to clean! I told my five-year-old son, James, that he needed to help me clean. He told me he didn’t like to clean. I told him that I didn’t like to clean, either (that’s why it was a mess!), but that we all needed to help out. He started giving me some attitude, so I told him to go to his room and that he could come out when he was ready to help. He stomped off, and I started cleaning.

About two minutes later, James returned, looked at me, and said, “I’m going to help you clean. Do you know why?”

I rolled my eyes and asked, “No, why?”

He said, “Well, my brain is telling me that I don’t like to clean, but my heart is telling me I should anyway.”

I explained to him that was what choosing the right felt like. Sometimes in life we have to do what our heart tells us to do instead of what our brain is telling us to do.

The next Sunday a dear friend pulled me aside and told me of some unfortunate events that had occurred in their home. Over the previous week, one of their children had become suicidal. At one breaking moment, the mother told her daughter they both needed to pray. Each went to her room and prayed. The daughter returned a few minutes later and the mother asked her how she felt. With tears in her eyes, she told her mother that all she could think about was what I had said in my testimony. She said, “My brain is telling me that I don’t want to live, but my heart is telling me I should anyway.”

I cried at the thought that a simple story could have such impact on a struggling teenager. I am happy that the Spirit prompted me to tell that little story, and I’m even happier that she was listening.

Annaliese Enderle

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