Heavenly Treasures

Heavenly Treasures

From Chicken Soup for the Latter-day Saint Soul

Heavenly Treasures

But lay up for yourselves treasures in Heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal.

Ne. 13:20

I remember the experience with gratitude. It was a Sunday afternoon, and the stake APYW committee—both youth and adults—were gathered and waiting for the high council room to empty so we could hold our monthly meeting there. We all “fit” around the large table, and it was a very good place to hold our meetings. As we waited, Patriarch Richard Larson was giving a patriarchal blessing to someone inside that room. He was giving the blessing from Heavenly Father, through the gift of the Holy Ghost, and by the power of the priesthood.

In due time, the door to the high council room opened, and Patriarch Larson and those in the room with him left; our group went in. As I stepped over the threshold into that room, I felt the Spirit there so strongly that it caused me to stop suddenly as I realized what had just enveloped me. In that instant my testimony of patriarchal blessings, of the power of the priesthood, of a loving Heavenly Father and of the Holy Ghost was confirmed and strengthened. As I took my seat at the table, I was filled with a wonderful feeling of the presence of the Spirit. It was so great it was as though I could reach out with my arms and gather it in close to me and keep it with me in that abundance always.

The room around me was busy as people took their seats and prepared for the start of our meeting, but I sat in my chair and savored those few moments. I offered a silent prayer of thanksgiving for that sweet experience.

My next thought was that I hoped others around me had felt that concentrated presence of the Spirit. I could feel the intensity of the Spirit in the room diminishing, and I turned to the person next to me. “Did you feel the Spirit when we entered this room?” I asked. Her answer indicated that she hadn’t, but a brother nearby heard my question and answered a simple, “Yes.”

I was grateful that someone else had recognized the presence of the Spirit during those few moments, because it truly was my wish that every person in the room could have had the same sweet experience that I had just enjoyed.

Treasured moments similar to this one can come to us at any time. Moments like these are gifts. They are like little Heavenly treasures that can be stored in the treasure box of our minds, and we can open that treasure box at any time to once again savor our Heavenly Father’s love. We can open that box and look at the treasured experiences that have added to our testimony. And we can, once again, offer a prayer of thanks for the gifts that come from a loving Heavenly Father.

Vickie Mattson

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