A Little Tiny Miracle

A Little Tiny Miracle

From Chicken Soup for the Latter-day Saint Soul

A Little Tiny Miracle

And said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of Heaven.

Matt. 18:3

It was a little thing. Insignificant to most. But significant to me. A brand new convert. With the faith of a child. We were so very poor. Students living in an old basement apartment. With a new baby. Living off what my husband could earn on weekends. And what I could make working part-time at a department store.

It was time to bless our baby. I had saved and saved until I had amassed the $11 necessary to purchase the beautiful two-piece white knit outfit I had seen at the department store where I worked, the outfit in which I wanted to bless my baby.

It was a lovely day. Many of our family members were there in our university ward, filled with single students who so loved our baby. As nervous as he was, my husband pronounced a lovely blessing on our first precious son. He bore his testimony, I bore mine, many family members did the same, as did ward friends. The meeting ran long, but no one seemed to notice.

I wanted to put the blessing outfit away, to save it for our son to bless his first son in. But we were poor. And it was the baby’s only nice outfit, only church outfit. So, I continued to dress the baby in it every Sunday until he had nearly outgrown it.

As luck would have it, it was that very Sunday that the baby’s bottle dripped orange juice on the white knit outfit. I washed the outfit in hot water, which set the stain. (I never made that mistake again.)

I was crestfallen. I could not fix it and I could not afford to replace it. There was no need to save it. But, with the faith of a child that so many new converts have, I prayed anyway, “Heavenly Father, this outfit is very important to me and my baby and our history. I wanted to save it and now I have ruined it. Please help me know what to do.”

I put the outfit in the dresser drawer and waited for inspiration.

The next time I pulled the outfit out of the drawer, the stain was gone.

Had my husband fixed it? Not likely.

Had I fixed it and forgotten? I would not have forgotten.

Heavenly Father heard the little tiny prayer of a new convert, a new mother, and performed a little tiny miracle in answer to my childlike prayer of faith.

I have never forgotten it.

It was the beginning of a lifetime of little tiny miracles that have kept my childlike faith alive and well and working.

Peg Fugal

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