Every Corner of the Vineyard

Every Corner of the Vineyard

From Chicken Soup for the Latter-day Saint Soul

Every Corner of the Vineyard

I own an advertising agency and produce commercials for a living. I was filming some television commercials in an LDS home recently and noticed a world map hanging on the kitchen wall. It was mounted on foam core and framed, without glass covering it, and it was studded with multicolored pins. There was a color key in the upper-right-hand corner:

• The red pinmarked the location of that family’s missionary.

• The orange pins indicated where the parents had served.

• The yellow pins marked where the missionary’s friends had served or were serving.

• The green pins indicated where uncles and cousins had served or were serving.

• The blue pins marked where grandparents had served or were serving.

• The purple pins indicated where the family had lived around the world.

• The white pins marked all the places the family had visited around the world.

• The black pins marked all the Church historical sites.

There were fifteen people in my crew that day, and every one of us spent time studying that map and commenting on it while quizzing the mother for more details.

I have loved geography and studying maps my whole life. In fact, I keep an atlas on my bedside table, which I reference often. But my atlas was old and outdated—it showed Russia still controlling all of Eastern Europe, which is no longer the case. Country boundaries and names have changed all over the world in the past couple of decades, and I needed a new atlas.

My son is an advertising executive with National Geographic Adventure magazine. When he asked what I wanted for Christmas, I told him I wanted the new National Geographic World Atlas, which came with a big, beautiful world map. I had the map framed and hung on the gameroom wall downstairs where we gather as a family to play. After studying the pin-studded map mentioned above, I decided to do the same sort of thing with our world map. Because it has glass over it, I decided to use colored adhesive paper dots.

In studying my family’s map (as well as the one mentioned above), it suddenly occurred to me the incredible worldwide reach of just one active, missionary-focused LDS family. Multiply that influence by 12 million members worldwide, and it’s easy to see that we as a Church family are literally laboring in every corner of the proverbial vineyard, while Daniel’s prophesied stone rolls forth filling the whole Earth.

Peg Fugal

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