Wrong Number

Wrong Number

From Chicken Soup for the Latter-day Saint Soul

Wrong Number

For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God.

Rom. 8:14

Knowing they’d soon be transferred, the missionaries in our ward set a goal to reach as many inactive members as possible during their last weeks in Bonner County, Idaho. One older couple interested them, because the wife— Sister B.—had served a mission and held callings in the Church for years, with a special talent for genealogy. But her husband, who wasn’t a member, gradually pulled her away. She’d been inactive for years, and Brother B. refused to let the missionaries visit their home.

One evening the missionaries were scheduled to join a ward family for dinner. As usual, Elder S. called ahead to let the cook know they were coming. When a woman answered the phone, he said, “This is Elder S., and we’ll be at your house in fifteen minutes.”

Suddenly the elder realized he’d dialed Sister B.’s home by mistake; her name was listed in the ward directory next to that of the family he meant to call. As he opened his mouth to apologize, Sister B. said, “I’m so glad you called! I’ve been talking to my husband all day about the Church, and he just agreed to let you visit. Can you come over right now, before he changes his mind?”

The missionaries missed dinner that night, but they held a special meeting with Brother B. A few Sundays later he attended his first sacrament meeting and enjoyed a wonderful Primary program. Wearing a huge smile, Sister B. went right to work in the family history library. Within a few weeks, Brother B. was baptized by the elder who dialed a “wrong number” at the right time.

Sammie Justesen

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