A Witness of the Truth

A Witness of the Truth

From Chicken Soup for the Latter-day Saint Soul

A Witness of the Truth

And now, behold, you have received a witness; for if I have told you things which no man knoweth have you not received a witness?

D&C 6:24

While I was serving as a missionary in São Paulo, Brazil, our mission president instructed us to use the Book of Mormon in all of our contacts. We broke up the monotony of the nearly constant rejection of our message by finding new and creative ways to introduce this most powerful book of scripture. I will never forget the way in which I learned that the Lord Himself provides a witness of the veracity of this book.

While on a split in my area, my companion and I ran into a man on the street. As was our custom, we stopped him and began to tell him who we were. We asked him about his feelings toward God and religion, and he admitted that he had been praying for the truth. This seemed like our opening, so we began explaining about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith.

He stopped us after a minute and told us he could never accept the Book of Mormon. We tried to discover his concerns, but after numerous vague responses to our probes, my companion bore testimony of the Book of Mormon and said to the man, “If you received a witness from God that the Book of Mormon is true, would you accept it then?”

The man explained that he was Catholic and that, even if he received this divine witness, he would not join our church. We bore our testimonies again and told him the address of the meetinghouse if he ever wanted to visit. Then we went on our way.

A few days later, while we were walking down a different street in our area, this same man came running toward us. He said that he’d been looking for us all over the area for the last two days. He told us he had a dream in which he was under much condemnation for refusing the Book of Mormon. I thought that our prayers had been answered, and asked the man when we could come and teach him and his family the gospel. He let me know in no uncertain terms that he wasn’t interested in a visit from us, but that he just needed a copy of the Book of Mormon. When our efforts to convince him otherwise failed, we gave him one of our spare copies, and he left.

As we continued down the street, I explained to my companion how I had met this man while I had been on splits. We discussed the strange way in which he had acted, and we decided to pray that he would receive a witness of the truth of the Book of Mormon and that he would have the courage to act on that witness. Not knowing where the man lived, we left it at that.

A few days later, we were working on another street when we found this same man sitting in a car in front of a house. We approached him somewhat tentatively and found him reading the Book of Mormon. He was excited to see us and told us that he hadn’t been able to put it down since he started. He’d spent every spare second of the last few days reading, and he was nearly two-thirds of the way through.

Not only was he interested in hearing our message, but he wanted us to make an appointment and return when his entire family could be there. We returned the next day and taught an incredible first discussion; the man bore testimony to his family that Joseph Smith was indeed a prophet and that the Book of Mormon is true. We were able to schedule the rest of the discussions and a baptismal date on that very first appointment.

I was transferred before this special family could be baptized, but I will never forget the incredible way that the Lord himself confirmed the witness of His humble servants concerning this most powerful book of scripture.

Kimberlee Garrett

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