Better than Bedtime Checklists

Better than Bedtime Checklists

From Chicken Soup for the Latter-day Saint Soul

Better than Bedtime Checklists

And they shall also teach their children to pray, and to walk uprightly before the Lord.

D&C 68:28

Getting the kids to bed every night, and getting them to stay in bed, was a very difficult chore for me. We would begin early, but it would take hours for them to settle down. By that time I was too tired to enjoy the company of my loving husband.

I decided to get organized, and I came up with a Bedtime Checklist. I even got the kids to help me with it. We had everything on this checklist from putting toys away to getting a good-night kiss. We had it all.

Each night, we started at the top of the list, checking things off as we went and making sure everything was done so there would be no excuses for getting up after getting into bed.

It worked in theory, but not in practice. There was always one more drink, one more trip to the bathroom because of the drink, and so on.

Then one night Marty and I were reading one of the Church magazines, and we saw an article on prayer. The article said that we should have family prayer every morning and evening! Wow! I knew that, but we were not doing it.

We tried it the next night. After family prayer, we went from room to room, tucking in the kids and listening to their individual prayers. As soon as we were done, there was silence. I couldn’t believe my ears. The kids were all asleep.

The Bedtime Checklist went into the trash can. Prayer works!

Barbara Hausen

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