We Forgot to Pray

We Forgot to Pray

From Chicken Soup for the Latter-day Saint Soul

We Forgot to Pray

And again, O God, when I did turn to my house thou didst hear me in my prayer.

Alma 33:6

My grandparents always gave me and each of my brothers and sisters twenty dollars for our birthdays. My brother and sister share a birthday, and my mother was going to take them toy shopping when she realized she was missing her wallet, which had the money in it.

Mom put my little brother in his stroller, and we started looking for the wallet. We looked all over the neighborhood. Suddenly I stopped.

“Mommy,” I said, “we forgot to pray.”

Mom took us back to the house, where we asked Heavenly Father for help. We went to look again, but we still couldn’t find the wallet. When we returned to the house, Mom got a phone call. A lady down the street had found Mom’s wallet in the middle of the road; she had looked through the wallet to find out whom it belonged to.

I know that Heavenly Father answers our prayers, because He answered the prayers of little children who were looking for a wallet.

Laura Denhalter

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