Pick Up the Phone

Pick Up the Phone

From Chicken Soup for the Latter-day Saint Soul

Pick Up the Phone

Learn of me, and listen to my words; walk in the meekness of my Spirit, and you shall have peace in me.

D&C 19:23

I’ve been taught that in order for the Lord to answer my prayers, I need to think the problem out in my mind and go to the Lord with a solution. If what I have decided is right, then I will receive a confirmation of the Spirit. That confirmation may come through a burning in my bosom or a feeling of peace. If I don’t get my “answer,” then I need to rethink the situation and go back to Him again. I’ve learned that sometimes it really doesn’t matter whether I move to Boise or Virginia Beach, because the Lord can use me wherever I am—but that other times there are definite right or wrong choices.

At one point in my life I was seeking the answers to a serious problem. I had prayed about it and felt like I knew what direction I should take. On one particular Sunday, I went to the Lord again to confirm my decision.

“Heavenly Father, please help me to hear something today that will help me know that my decision is right,” I pleaded.

I was Young Women’s president at the time, and we had a problem that seemed to affect more than one of our girls. We had a leader who had overcome this problem, and I had asked her to speak to the girls about it. As I sat in the audience and heard her talk about how important it is to love ourselves and to expect respect from others, I received the answer I needed. Her topic had nothing to do with my problem, and I don’t remember exactly what she said, but her words seemed to be spoken directly to me. I felt a burning in my bosom and clarity of thought. I knew that the Lord had given me the confirmation I needed, and I could hardly contain my excitement. The Lord was speaking directly to me!

The information presented to you may not have anything to do with what you need to hear. The important thing is that the Lord will speak to you, and if you are prepared to hear, you will receive the answers you need. However, I know that the whisperings of the Spirit often come so quietly that if we’re not paying attention, we’ll miss them entirely.

The voice of the Spirit is referred to as that “still, small voice.” We refer to our prayers as “cries for help,” and that’s truly what they are. We cry out to the Lord, hoping He will answer us before we get off our knees. Unlike the parent who may brush a child away because he or she doesn’t want to be interrupted right then, our Heavenly Father always has time for us. We speak to Him in our prayers; He speaks to us through the scriptures and through the Holy Ghost. But why do we think our work is done once we’ve uttered the prayer? Why bother to ask the question if we’re not going to listen for the answer?

The Lord is there to lead and guide us. Too many times He can’t get through because of our cluttered lives. Like the cell phone commercial, I’m sure He tires of saying, “Can you hear me now?” After awhile, the connection is lost, and it’s not because He hung up on us, but because we never answered the phone.

Joyce Moseley Pierce

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