Through the Grandkids’ Eyes

Through the Grandkids’ Eyes

From Chicken Soup for the Grandparent's Soul

Through the Grandkids’ Eyes

If you think the things that matter is the stuff that money buys,

Then spend a day with children, see the world through the grandkids’ eyes.

They find the greatest joy in the smallest little things,

Like running through the sprinkler and the way that Grandpa sings.

You buy them toys at Christmas; they’d much prefer the box.

They like to wade through puddles and search for pretty rocks.

They’ll climb a tree and skip a rope and never miss a beat.

They’re filled with awe and wonder, and the world is at their feet.

To them there is no difference between dandelions and flowers.

They’ll touch and smell and feel them and gaze at them for hours.

To have those kind of values we had when we were small,

Looking back in time it seems we really had it all.

We need to watch the children and look into their eyes,

To understand what matters most is not what money buys.

Reach back into the past this day; remember what you knew,

And you will find your inner peace in the child that lives in you.

Jill Grubb-Travoss

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