My Grandchild’s Hand

My Grandchild’s Hand

From Chicken Soup for the Grandparent's Soul

My Grandchild’s Hand

In your eyes I see the future

And a need to save the Earth . . .

So that you might walk the fields of God

And know that life has worth.

In your presence I can see now

That God continues on . . .

And he sent you as a glimpse of hope

When I thought all hope was gone.

When I plant a tree now I will know

Though the shade won’t cover me . . .

I have offered you a shelter here

For all the world to see.

When I was young I questioned God

I had to know the truth . . .

And he closed his eyes and bowed his head

And he sent you down as proof.

It was deep inside your laughter

That I learned what life’s about . . .

For the miracle of knowing you

Has left me without doubt.

As time passed by how could I know

The best was yet to be . . .

Through my grandchild’s hand my God reached out

And he found the love in me.

Jill Grubb-Travoss

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