Gramma, Please Don’t Make Me Put Them Back!

Gramma, Please Don’t Make Me Put Them Back!

From Chicken Soup for the Grandparent's Soul

Gramma, Please Don’t Make Me Put Them Back!

My granddaughter and I are inseparable. She keeps me wrapped around her little finger.

Gene Perret

When my first granddaughter Lacy was about three or four years old, she was my favorite shopping buddy! I could take her for an afternoon of shopping, and unlike a lot of young children, she never asked for anything.

On one of these shopping outings in early spring, Lacy and I had been in several stores and now we were in a Wal-Mart. As always I had put her in the front of a cart so she could stand and reach all the pretty items. We went up and down several aisles looking at everything. When we got into the children’s section, she would reach out, take a dress off the rack and say, “Oh Gramma, isn’t this one pretty?” After we both admired it she would hang it back up. This is always how we shopped: We looked, commented, returned the item and moved on. She never asked for these items; she just enjoyed looking at all the pretty things!

We then moved on to the shoe department and as I pushed the cart through the little girls section, she picked up and admired several pairs of shoes. Then she saw a pair of hot pink (pink being her favorite color), high-top suede boots. Slowly reaching for them, she picked them up and cradled them in her arms. Looking up to me, still holding those boots, she said, “Gramma, please don’t make me put them back!”

I was surprised with this sudden pleading and asked, “Miss Lacy, what do you need boots for?” After all it was April, winter was over, and it was almost time to start wearing sandals, not boots.

She replied so sadly, “Gramma, they’re huntin’ boots!” Trying to conceal my laughter, I asked her, “Exactly why do you need huntin’ boots?” I knew this dainty, feminine little girl had never gone hunting with Daddy.

She looked at me with an expression that implied God had given her the dumbest of grammas to raise and she said, “For huntin’ Easter eggs!”

I’m not sure how another gramma would have handled this situation. I do know Miss Lacy proudly left that store carrying the sack that held her new hot pink huntin’ boots!

Karren E. Key


By Bil Keane

“What’s the magic word to get what you want?” “Grandma!”

Reprinted with permission from Bil Keane.

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