6: Mirror, Mirror

6: Mirror, Mirror

From Chicken Soup for the Soul: Recovering from Traumatic Brain Injuries

Mirror, Mirror

We convince by our presence.

~Walt Whitman

Anger, sadness, confusion

are there

on the face

of the one




Crow’s feet wrinkled.

Corners crinkled.

Gray hair hide-and-seek.

How long the age clues?

I closed my eyes and willed the memories

To anchor the present

To the realities.

Once I wanted it to be over.

All of it:

The pain,

the blinding light,

arguments and confusion,

and wrecked relationships.

So much suffering after

the initial trauma.

My body and mind

held hostage

in rips, tears and scars.

Curiosity stepped in . . .

What did I know?

What didn’t I remember?

Would I ever recover?

 . . . to save me.

I touch my face,

then my cool reflection.

Thankful that

How, What, When, and Who

are no longer

as important as

I am.

~Donna Stamey Reeve

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