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Friends Are Like Flowers

I always think the flowers can see us and know what we are thinking about.

George Eliot

“He is so weird!” These words echoed in Daniel’s ears every school day. He was the new kid in our small sixth-grade class. I watched Daniel lower his eyes as the so-called “cool” guys shoved him. Over the years, it had become my job to welcome the new kids to our school, but I figured it best to stay away from this one. He was just so . . . different. What if the kids made fun of me, too? Not that I was very popular or normal. I was the chubby girl with glasses, I couldn’t play sports, I enjoyed musicals instead of rap and hip-hop, and I only had a few close friends. But I wasn’t tortured like Daniel.

One night, my mom and I were having dinner. We talked and laughed until I brought up the subject of Daniel. I told her how oddly he acted, and that I wasn’t sure I should be a friend to him because the other kids would laugh. My mom did something that affects me still today. She took me outside to the deck and said, “Michelle, look down at those flowers.” The garden was beautiful. My parents had been working on it for years, and my mother was very proud of what her hands had made.

“Would you like the garden as much if there was only one kind of flower?”

“Of course not,” I answered.

“Would you like all people to be the same then?” she asked.

“No . . .” I said. “I want them to be like flowers— different.”

My mom smiled, and we silently walked back inside the house.

“Hi, Daniel. My name is Michelle!” I said the next day upon seeing him sitting alone at recess. We talked about school, music, TV, and flowers. It turns out we both grew orchids.

“I love orchids so much!” he said. “I love how there are so many different kinds, too!”

From that day forward until we graduated, Daniel was my best friend. We still keep in touch, and we still love orchids.

I am a freshman in high school now, and I am glad to be different. I’m not afraid to befriend someone who others think is odd. And I will always remember that friends should be like flowers—all different and all beautiful in their own way.

Michelle Marie

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