Seeing Double

Seeing Double

From Chicken Soup for the Dieter's Soul

Seeing Double

I am an identical twin. I can look fabulous and frumpy on any given day, as people often can’t tell which one of us they are talking to. Along with the benefits of having a twin sister, there is a torturous downside. The better she looks, the worse I look.

My sister and I were raised in a fairly competitive household. We were athletic in our youth and enjoyed many years of karate training and tournaments, often competing against each other. Since graduation and the births of six children between us, we have both gained and kept some unwanted pounds.

Bikini seasons, weddings and class reunions have never even come close to motivating me to lose weight as much as some good old competition with my sister. I’ve always been the heavier sister and I have no problem admitting it, although I’d like to point out that I’m not THAT much heavier. A goal of mine is to be lighter than my sister. I’ve achieved, but conceded, that goal twice, given that she was heavy with each of her daughters at the time.

My weight problem can be attributed to my love affair with white flour topped with any type of sugar: doughnuts, cakes, cookies,muffins and flavored bagels aremy vices. The thought of going “carb-less” makes me shudder. Whole grains, sure,more fruits and vegetables, okay, but NO carbs, NO WAY! Getting over this “sticky” situation will surely be the key to my weight-loss success.

I have tried national diet programs, workout videos, aerobic classes, and recreational sports like softball, golf and Rollerblading to try to shed a few pounds. All of these activities died a quick death when I got sick of “counting” my food, got tangled doing the “grapevine” or got used to enjoying the cold ones after the game. My treadmill seems to be the only exercise that I enjoy. Watching the “fat grams burned” increase is more rewarding than watching the triple sevens appear on a Las Vegas slot machine.

When I finish my jog-stumble-walk on the treadmill, I realize that it wasn’t all that bad, and if I can just keep the kids from joining me on the next jaunt, I might actually start seeing some results. The fact that I panted on a zero incline and at almost reverse speed proves that I am not healthy at my current weight. Nor am I happy that my sister is looking pretty good right now as a result of her minitriathlon training.

When she finishes her race, I will be there to congratulate her on her success and share in her excitement, just as she does when I have personal triumphs. Whether it is a lower number on the scale, the discovery of a great light dinner or the purchase of a new outfit from the regular-size section, I know that she’ll share in my joy.

Now, if only I can figure out how to plant some nacho chips in her cupboard. They are her vice, and if she spots them, it will give me bragging rights for at least a week.

Selena Hayes

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