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I’m Here!

If you conquer, you will be clothed like them in white robes and I will not blot your names out of the Book of Life; but I will confess your name before My Father and before his angels.

Rev. 3:5

The Rogers are devout Christians who have built a strong family. The father has a special interest in the spiritual condition of each of his children and often would quiz them in order to know if they were sure of their salvation. Occasionally he would ask them to share in their own words about their relationship with Jesus Christ.

One day it was seven-year-old Jimmy’s turn to express how he knew he had eternal life. Jimmy told his version: “I think it will be something like this in Heaven. One day when we all get to go to Heaven, it will be time for the big angel to read from the big book the names of all the people who will be there. He will come to the Rogers family and say, ‘Daddy Rogers?’ and Daddy will say, ‘Here!’ Then the angel will call out, ‘Mommy Rogers?’ and Mommy will say, ‘Here!’ Then the angel will come down to call out Susie Rogers and Mavis Rogers, and they will both say, ‘Here!’ ”

He paused, took a big deep breath and continued. “And finally that big angel will read my name, Jimmy Rogers, and because I’m little and maybe he’ll miss me, I’ll jump and shout real loud, ‘HERE!’ to make sure he knows I’m there.”

Just a few days later there was a tragic accident. A car struck down little Jimmy Rogers as he made his way to catch the school bus. He was rushed by ambulance to the hospital, and all the family was summoned. He was in critical condition.

The little family group gathered around the bed in which little Jimmy now lay with no movement, no consciousness and no hope for recovery. The doctors had done all that was in their power. Jimmy would probably be gone by morning.

The family prayed and waited. Late in the night the little boy seemed to be stirring a bit. They all moved closer. They saw his lips move; just one word was all he uttered before he passed from this life. But what a word of comfort and hope for a grieving family he was to leave behind. In the clear voice of a little boy, loud and clear enough so all could hear and understand, little Jimmy Rogers said the one word: ‘HERE!’ And then he was gone to another life beyond this world, where a big angel was reading the names of all those written there.

Excerpted from
Moments for Mothers

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