From A Second Chicken Soup for the Woman's Soul

Halloween Angels

On Halloween, I brought my wife home from the hospital to live out her remaining days. Remembering that the children would come for trick-or-treat, and realizing I was not prepared with any candy, I quickly gathered whatever I could find in the house.

The first arrivals were three girls about fifteen years old. I apologized for my poor treats and told them I was not able to get any because of my wife’s illness. They thanked me and went off. About a minute later they returned, and each one gave me a handful of candy from their bags. Through my tears, I tried to return it, but these wonderful young ladies rushed off, leaving me with: “We hope she gets well.”

I do not know these beautiful young women, but I’d like them to know that their simple act of kindness brought joy and hope to me when there was none.

Even though my wife has since passed on, the memories of a sad time will be brightened by the thought of the kindness of these three angels. May God bless them.

Steven J. Lesko Jr.
Submitted by Laurie S. Brooks

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