From Chicken Soup for the Working Mom's Soul

The New Age To-Do List

Thinking about all that needs to be done in the course of a regular day once left me feeling overwhelmed and unfulfilled. It was difficult to keep a positive attitude when faced with a to-do list filled with tasks, none of which came close to sounding like fun or seemed meaningful.

I struggled with a way to glorify the laundry pile, the grocery shopping, the eight hours in my office, and making dinner at the end of the day. No matter how I arranged the list, it still seemed like my day was filled with the mundane. I needed to bring a fresh outlook to my routine to readily accept the nagging list hanging on the magnetic notepad on my refrigerator.

The word gratitude came to mind as part of the solution to my to-do list dilemma. I decided to work with it, since I had no better ideas. I rewrote my list in an effort to make each task sound more interesting. Perhaps I could lure myself into feeling good about all that I needed to accomplish during a typically routine day.

It was surprisingly easily to transform the mundane into the enlightening, once I put my mind to it. With just one attempt, this is what I was able to come up with:

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