From Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul the Real Deal Friends

My Reflection

I met a girl the other day.

She was different from me

  in many ways.

I know I have met her in

  the past,

But I don’t know if our

  friendship will last.

Her hair is different, and she

  doesn’t dress the same as before.

I felt like I didn’t know who she was anymore.

She left her old friends and joined a new crew.

Once a cute guy came along, she would leave her new crew, too.

Her old friends told her she was being fake.

They didn’t know how much they could take.

They tried to prove a point to her, and she shed a tear.

They told her to go and look at herself in a mirror.

When I saw all this happening, I thought how could this be,

This new girl seemed so opposite of me?

But when I looked in the mirror, what did I see?

My reflection! All along this new girl was me.

For Real?

The first mirrors, used in the Middle Ages, were hand mirrors. People didn’t have a chance to see their whole body reflected through full-length mirrors until the 1st century AD.

Alicia Vasquez, age 19


Narcissus is a character from Greek mythology who fell in love with his own reflection.


Sometimes life gets so crazy that it’s hard to take the time to tune in. Are you feeling a little out of sorts? Do you need to reconnect with yourself and get comfortable in your own shoes again? Try some of these ideas:

Reread your journal or diary. It’s amazing to see how clearly you expressed yourself in the pages.

Flip through old photo albums and reflect on the events captured on film.

Go for a walk in nature or grab a blanket and a good book and hang out at the park for a day. Sometimes spending quality time alone can remind you of things that make you feel good.

Come up with a theme song for yourself . . . one that makes you feel strong, powerful, creative and inspired. Then whenever you need a boost, pop in the CD and crank it up.

Seen It?

In the ABC show Lost, Korean character Jin develops friendships with everyone else on the island even though he doesn’t speak a word of English.

CAN TWO PEOPLE FROM TWO VERY DIFFERENT COUNTRIES, cultures and lifestyles actually be friends? What if they don’t even speak the same language? Is there such a thing as a “universal language”? What do you think? If you were traveling abroad and you came across someone who didn’t speak English, would you take it as a sign of friendliness if they communicated to you in one of these ways?



Pointing out directions on a map for you

Offering you something to eat or drink

Laughing at something silly you did

Giving you the thumbs-up sign

Holding open a door for you

The truth is, whether a universal language exists or not, the concept of friendship and friendliness is universal.


Have you ever communicated nonverbally with someone you didn’t know?

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