From Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul on Love & Friendship

I Hope

I hope you surf the waves in from the ocean,

big and small.

I hope you watch the sunset,

from a mountain straight and tall.

I hope you sing a song to all the angels,

loud and clear.

I hope you’ll always try new things,

never giving in to fear.

I hope you fall in love,

with one who makes your world go ’round.

I hope that if you fall out,

your feet stay on the ground.

I hope that you can understand,

that true love waits for you.

That you may have to wait awhile,

but when it comes it will be true.

I hope you feel the sand,

hot on your toes on summer’s day.

I hope you learn that sandals,

help to keep the pain away.

I hope you find a rainbow,

and realize it was worth the rain.

I hope that through your journey,

you’ll learn to balance smiles with pain.

I hope that you will realize,

life isn’t always on your side.

I hope you know when hope is lost,

in me you can confide.

I hope that your glowing smile,

brings someone out of gloom.

I hope you taste your life,

with more than just a spoon.

I hope that when you’re lost,

you are also one to find.

And I hope that your hand,

never grows too big for mine.

I hope you watch the stars shoot by,

upon a grassy hill.

I hope you know I love you,

always have and always will.

Laura O’Neill

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