From Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul on Love & Friendship

One Step Behind

Each day is an endless parade to a destination unknown,

Life leading you on an unmarked path not clearly shown.

Some parts of your path may be rugged and steep,

And others have crevasses infinitely deep.

There are times on your journey where to go, you know not,

For in a dense fog, your body is caught.

Unable to see what lies ahead of the way,

Uncertain to when this haze will eventually stray.

There are times when I am caught in this confusion, too,

Not knowing where to go, not knowing what to do.

But no matter how dense the fog when I turn I see,

Your smiling face looking back at me.

With reassurance in your glance, I know you'll always be there, Only one step behind,

each step taken with care.

I hope that you know, when you are lost in the mist,

Feeling unloved, alone and unmissed,

That if you glance back, you will find,

That I will be there, only one step behind.

Christy Vander Griendt

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