From Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul on Love & Friendship

A Toast

Raise your glass to the sky

with hopes and dreams held high.

To the graduates I toast . . .

Here’s to the friends we’ve lost and gained,

and the people we’ll never know by name.

To the bonds that we’ve made and albums we filled,

memories that may fade but never be killed.

Here’s to the phone calls filled with tears,

and to the hours spent talking away our fears.

To the people we thought deserved our hearts,

whom now we bash and rip apart.

Here’s to the pictures in frames with stories to say,

that we will be sure to pack when we go away.

To the football games we have watched beneath the lights,

and our cheers and chants drifting into the night.

Here’s to proms and dances,

and high-school romances.

To homecoming games,

with all the wins in our name.

Here’s to late nights we’ve spent cramming for tests,

and mornings where coffee made up for our rest.

To the dances and events we took months to create,

the night before worries that came too late.

Here’s to the tears we knew we’d cry,

to the people and places we say good-bye.

To the wild and bizarre things we’ve done,

that we will remember to be the most fun.

Here’s to the letters we left unsigned,

may our identities be revealed all in due time.

To the relationships we wonder how we ever lived without,

and the crushes we look back on and laugh about.

So now it is time to place our glasses down,

put our caps on and turn our tassels around.

Listen for our names and let them echo through,

and realize how fast these four years just flew.

Sarah Watroba

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