From Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul IV

My Friend, Forever

When we were merely little girls, still full of innocence and wonder, I tied your shoes and made sure your lip wasn’t bleeding. “Best friends since third grade,” we’ve always said. We’ve been to hell and back, with our bleeding hearts and tampered souls.

We’ve watched each other slip helplessly into the realms of addiction, holding mercilessly onto one another’s palms, simply praying that it was just some horrid nightmare.

You held me with your soothing tones over the phone when my heart first broke in pain. You told me it would be okay and that I was much too strong to let some stupid boy topple me over the edge.

When I felt as though no one could possibly understand the torment going on within my soul, you were always there to reassure me that one day it would pass, and that I could always turn to you. The pain I held back with others, I could share with you—and you with me.

I suppose all I want is for you to know that I know you’ve been through far too much for seventeen years, and that you are the most beautiful person I have ever known. The distance that separates us now doesn’t change my love for you, my sweetest friend. I can feel your thoughts from miles away and when I close my eyes I can see you there in all of your beauty.

We will rise above this. We will travel the world, write poetry and dazzle the hearts of everyone we meet.

I will never let go of your palms, my friend, and I will always be there to lift you up and tie your shoes. Best friends since third grade—to hell and back.

Love always,

Melissa Malloy

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