From Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul IV

Dreams Inspired by Dad

Dad can celebrate a humiliating loss on a golden September afternoon

Curled up in the corner of the car, I am sulking

The window is cracked, air rushing over the odor of sweaty shin guards

Perspiration shimmers on my forehead, limitless with rage

The buzz and crackle of Dad’s oldies music flirts with my sour mood

I turn to Dad, and the laughter in his eyes bewitches me

In a flash, disappointing experiences are forgotten in our unspoken moment

We dream as friends

Just the two of us

We chatter endlessly, free to be ourselves

I teach Dad the lingo, who is babeworthy, what is new to wear

I dramatize my dislike of school, outspoken against useless knowledge

But Dad helps me discover the power of that knowledge

Each assignment is a beautiful achievement, a gilded cloud of hope

His words dance like slow-falling snow

Gifts a beloved father gives his child

Acts of a father’s undeniable love

Emily Peck

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