From Chicken Soup for the Soul of America

Last Call

As smoke and heat diminished from the mangled steel and glass,

The hope of rescue workers faded in and out so fast.

These heroes of our nation working tirelessly to find

A sound, a breath, some proof of life, to keep that hope alive.

The victims were so innocent, just doing their life’s work,

In a nation called America, the most free on this Earth.

Suddenly, a worker finds a cell phone flashing red.

He plays the “last call” message, and this is what it said:

“Hello, it’s me. I’m calling to tell you I’m all right.

I’ve made it up to heaven; I tried to call last night.

The group that I arrived with is strong and brave and tall,

And proud to be Americans while answering God’s call.

“I love you all and know I’ve been in all your thoughts and prayers.

You need to know I felt no pain and safely made it here.

Now let me say a prayer for you of closure and of life,

Move on with courage and with faith that we will reunite.

“I know it’s sad; I’ll age no more, but in this you can trust:

My dreams were put back on the Earth in particles of dust.

That dust is in the air you breathe; I’ve passed it on to you.

So please breathe deeply every day and make my dreams come true.”

Dave Timmons
Submitted by Tom Lagana

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