From Chicken Soup for the Soul in Menopause

Menopause Musings

Who is this batty woman

with hormones all unstable,

who used to feel so confident,

but now is quite unable

to handle even simple tasks

with confidence and flair,

who cries and yells and rages

that life is so unfair?

Dear God, I think it’s me.

Who is this dreadful woman,

who once was so delightful

to spend an hour or two with,

but now is just so frightful

that seconds seem like hours

and days turn into years,

who sobs and storms and threatens,

then covers you with tears?

Oh Lord, I fear it’s me.

Who is this happy woman,

who thinks that life’s a laugh,

whose confidence is huge,

there’s no blockage in her path

to writing epic novels

at ten thousand words a day

with wild euphoric feelings

that she wishes could just stay?

Oh yes, that could be me.

Who is this frenzied woman

who’s trying to contain

her mood swings and hot flushes,

which really are a pain?

So many times she’s woken,

to find herself on fire,

with bedclothes drenched,

but feeling not one atom of desire.

Oh dear, I know it’s me.

Who is this nutty woman

with her crazy sense of humor,

who terrifies her husband,

or is that just a rumor?

He’s male and he should suffer,

we ladies know the cause.

Our monthly curse is followed

by the bloomin’ menopause!

You’ve guessed, of course, it’s me.

Lorraine Mace

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