From Chicken Soup for the Soul in Menopause

Accepting the Inevitable

I’m hot; then I’m not,

and the heat rushes through.

The flashes pass by,

and I’m left feeling blue.

They say life gets better.

They tell me to wait.

I want to believe them;

resigned to my fate.

A bladder too small,

and hips growing bigger;

the water retained

could fill the Nile River.

My skin is so dry.

And I’m losing my hair.

I frequently feel

like I’m not quite all there.

Moody and restless,

forgetful and late;

night sweats are common,

and I keep gaining weight.

I’m sleeping too little.

I’m sleeping too much.

Life is changing too fast,

but not fast enough.

Hormones are bad.

No, hormones are good.

Take what you can.

No, take what you should:

Enzymes and calcium,

vitamins B, C, and E.

What I really need now

is a nutrition degree.

Black cohosh and ginseng,

primrose and dong quai;

I’ve learned a new language.

There’s one reason why.

I’m too young to suffer.

What could be the cause?

It’s my new pal Peri:


Ava Pennington

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