From Chicken Soup for the Soul in Menopause

Keep the Change

There once was a woman

with worries galore,

who went to her doctor

as if at death’s door.

“Now tell me your symptoms,”

the doctor replied.

And here’s what she said

as she trembled and cried:

“Early one morning,

I went number one,

and I heard some clinking,

and when I was done,

“I looked in the toilet,

and guess what I saw. . .

a small pile of pennies,

and I was in awe!

“And then the next morning,

I heard the same sound,

and there in the toilet,

some nickels I found!

“And on the third morning,

I saw a few dimes,

and after that quarters

a number of times!”

“There’s no need to worry,”

said old Doctor Bliss.

“A woman your age

will experience this.

“It’s really quite normal.

I know that it’s true.

There’s no need to fear

what has happened to you.

“See, you’re nearly fifty,

and this isn’t strange.

To put it quite simply,

you’ve gone through the change.”

Albert Van Hoogmoed

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