From Chicken Soup for the Soul in Menopause

Flashes of Hope

One leg escapes, coolness sought,

Wide awake with no clear thought.

One AM, now two, then four,

“Oh Lord,” I pray, sliding to the floor.

The window’s cracked and so am I

Such internal heat, it makes me cry.

Endless days and sleepless nights,

Cranky kids and spousal fights.

Gazing at me with puzzled looks,

This woman who no longer cooks.

The boiling pot is now inside,

The outer me feels ten feet wide.

My girlish form on a slippery slope

One more loss as I try to cope.

Mountaintop joys and valley lows,

Minute to minute one never knows.

Tiptoeing around, my family tries

To feed me with unending lies;

“It’s okay, honey,” or “You look great.”

“I love you, Mom,” but it’s too late.

They try to help as I moan and groan

“Why can’t they just leave me alone?”

My heart skips a beat as away I run,

I believe a heart attack has begun.

Another trip to my doctor’s side

With a smile she tries so hard to hide.

Another daft patient with phantom fear,

The haggard old lady I see in the mirror.

How about a diet or a hormone cream?

I’ll try them all as I continue to dream

Of the second half of this crazy life,

The changeover along with the strife.

A more confident me, with mood swings calm,

Walking on a beach, sitting under a palm.

Yes it will happen, I am woman, I am strong,

Believe it with me as we journey along.

Menopausal women together we’ll survive

Sharing our options, adrift, but alive,

For now I am tired, no time to recap,

We’ll talk later, I need a nap!

Judy Quick Anderson

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