From Chicken Soup for the Soul in Menopause

Fifty Already?

Of my two score years and ten

fifty feels a lot like plenty.

Aching back and knees that creak,

appetite’s hearty, memory’s weak.

The law I’ve always held so dear

is strongly pulling at my rear.

How can a citizen like me

defy the law of gravity?

Each day I face the mirror, undaunted,

to count more chins than I ever wanted.

My hair’s a youthful brown, it’s true.

Does she or doesn’t she? You bet I do!

Different glasses, near and far,

help me read or drive a car.

And so I don’t succumb to ills

I start each morning downing pills.

But life’s not over, not by half.

I handle changes with a laugh.

I’m still myself, and I’d feel nifty

if I could get over turning fifty.

June Williams

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