From Chicken Soup for the Sister's Soul

Over the Years

A new baby comes to stay, peering into the crib we say,
“This is my sister”

Toys spread out on the floor, someone watching from
   behind a door.
It is my sister

“Who broke my doll?” I scream. “Who was that in my
It was my sister

Helping with our bath time, sing a song in rhyme,
Thank you, my sister

Boyfriends come, boyfriends go. Who was kissing? Don’t
   you know?
It was my sister

Talking late into the night, sharing secrets, “Turn off the
You are my sister

Growing up, bodies changing, all the time, rearranging
Oh, my sweet sister

Getting married,we move out. “Oh how I miss you!” I shout
To my sister

Pregnancy, long-distance calls, before you know it, baby
Talk to me, sister

Now adults and we shall stay, friends as always a special
Because you are, my sister.

Michelle A. Tessaro

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