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Friendly Reminder

Irefuse to think of them as chin hairs. I think of them as stray eyebrows.

Janette Barber

Friendships are a must for women. If it weren’t for friends, women would have to go to the ladies’ room alone. And who would offer a truthful assessment about whether an outfit makes your hips look big?

I have a Mustache Pact with my closest friends. If any one of us goes into a coma, the others are bound by our pact to come and wax the mustache of the comatose friend. We women love to share those special moments.

I shared another special moment with friends recently. Several of us were hurrying to a surprise baby shower. We were hurrying because it’s tough to surprise the guest of honor when she gets to the party before the guests.

We had pooled our resources to buy “the stroller to end all strollers.” It was a collapsible stroller that would stroll the baby, carry the baby, swing the baby—maybe even change the baby—I’m not sure. I thought I heard someone say it sliced, diced and julienned. It was Stroller-ama!

I told the others to run into the house while I got Super Stroller from the trunk. I jerked it into position and started sprinting. Unfortunately, about mid-driveway, Stroller-zilla realized I hadn’t fully locked it into place (emphasis on the aforementioned collapsible feature). It collapsed neatly into storage mode.

I probably don’t need to give you a science lesson on “momentum,” but let me mention that I had a lot of it working for me. The fact that The Stroller-nator stopped on a dime didn’t mean much to my little sprinting body, which was immediately airborne.

Please picture a graceful triple axle over the top of the stroller with sort of a one-point, back-end kind of a landing. I finished it off with a lovely flat-on-the-back pose, staring up at the sky for effect. I’d give it a 6.9.

Thankfully, I had my wonderful friends there to rush over and make sure I was okay. Of course, they couldn’t actually ask me if I was alright since they were laughing so hard they were about to damage some internal organs! One of them couldn’t even stay. She made a bee-line for the house. You know what can happen to laughing women.

That’s another thing we love to share: laughter.

This is a little reminder. If it’s been awhile since you’ve made time for friends, take the time and share a laugh with a sister. Both are a gift from God. We need each other—there are certain matters that only women understand. Two of those are “mauve” and “taupe.” Another is, of course, other women.

Call up your special bud today. While you have her on the line, you might also want to take care of that coma-mustache-pact thing.

Rhonda Rhea

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