From Chicken Soup for the Romantic Soul

Who’s Lucky?

It was Lucky’s sixtieth birthday. Lucky’s husband of forty-one years threw a big celebration in her honor. Their whole family was there.

Just before they brought out the cake and sang “Happy Birthday,” one of their granddaughters asked her grandpa why everyone always called Grandma “Lucky.”

“Oh, it’s a nickname I gave Grandma right after we got married.”

“Well, do you call her Lucky because she really is lucky?” the inquisitive child asked.

“Oh, I think Grandma definitely has a lucky streak, but that’s not why I called her that.”

“Do you call her Lucky because she brings you good luck?”

“I think Grandma has always brought me good luck, but that’s not why I called her that.”

“Okay, I give up,” the young girl said, “What’s the reason?”

Her grandfather spoke as if he were thinking out loud. “I have always called Grandma ‘Lucky’ to remind myself how lucky I am to be married to her.”

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