From Chicken Soup for the Romantic Soul

A Penny More
Precious Than a Diamond

Elizabeth Taylor, the actress, received an equally famed diamond from her then husband, famous actor Richard Burton. It was covered in all the media: the carat ring was so huge, and so rare and so priceless.

I too received something quite priceless. Let me explain. You who are sentimental, stay with me. Back in the early 1960s, my husband of ten years or so and I took a long, leisurely, romantic walk in the countryside following some railroad tracks. It was a beautiful, early fall day, the sunshine warm on our backs, a chance to talk without children interrupting, or even to be quiet as we held hands walking along. We would stop and laugh occasionally, thoroughly enjoying each other’s company and the outdoors. We had walked quite a while when the wail of a locomotive could be heard in the far distance. My handsome husband instantly dropped my hand and ran quickly some distance up a slope to the railroad tracks. I couldn’t see what the mad dash was about, and when he returned he wouldn’t say.

When we arrived home several hours later, he asked me for my charm bracelet, with no explanation as to why he wanted it. I obliged and started to prepare for supper while he went to the garage. A few minutes later he handed the charm bracelet back to me, and I saw what it was all about. Since the bracelet was gold in color, and not silver, he had taken a penny from his change pocket, flattened that Lincoln penny on the track, all the print forever erased, drilled a tiny hole, and attached my newest, most valued charm, saying, “This is so you’ll always remember our walks together.”

My wonderful husband died some years ago, but all I have to do is hold my penny in my arthritic hands and I have him and that day from the sixties all over again. It’s as valuable to me as Elizabeth’s “rock” was to her, only more so.

Mrs. B. Bartlett

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