From Chicken Soup for the Romantic Soul

Three Kisses

During our marriage, my wife and I have always exchanged not just one kiss, but three kisses when we departed company. It has brought snickers and chuckles from others, usually our daughters. What is the significance of the three kisses?

The three kisses are not to say good-bye, but are a reminder of the completeness and meaning of our marriage union.

The first kiss is Heart, an expression of how our hearts are joined in mutual love and understanding.

The second is Mind. Our minds are of one accord in thought, and we have, through many trials and tribulations, brought those thoughts together into an expression of our love. We do not agree at times on some issues, but when it comes to the meaningful and important ones, we are of one mind and decision.

The third is Soul, an expression of how our souls are in a harmony that will be everlasting. We have gained this harmony over the years through working hard on our relationship.

I can endure the snickering and the chuckles, because I know and feel the true meaning of our three kisses. Knowing my wife feels the same way gives me peace and makes me love her even more.

Thomas Webber
Submitted by Sandra Webber

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