From Chicken Soup for the Mother of Preschooler's Soul

Time Well Spent

Begin with the end in mind.

Stephen Covey

Are you a mother? Do you ever wonder
if you accomplish much each day?

When you see the floor that didn’t get mopped
or the laundry still not put away?

If you sometimes feel discouraged,
I’ve a few questions to ask of you.

Perhaps it’s time to take a look at all the things you do.

Did you fold a paper airplane?
Did you wash a sticky face?

Did you help your child pick up toys
and put them in their place?

Did you pull a wagon, push a swing
or build a blanket tent?

If so, let me tell you that your day was quite well spent.

Did you turn the TV off and send
the children out to play?

And then watch them from the window
as you prayed about their day?

When they tracked mud on your kitchen floor,
did you try hard not to scold?

Did you snuggle close as prayers were said
and bedtime stories told?

Did you wipe away a tear?
Did you pat a little head?

Did you kiss a tender cheek
as you tucked your child in bed?

Did you thank God for your blessings,
for your children heaven-sent?

Then rest assured, dear mother,
your time was quite well spent.

Did you make sure they brushed their teeth today?
Did you comb tangles from her hair?

Did you tell them they should do what’s right,
though life’s not always fair?

Did you quiz her on her spelling words,
as you tried hard not to yawn?

Did you marvel at how tall he is
and wonder where his childhood’s gone?

Did buy another gallon of milk?

Was that broccoli you cooked?

Did you straighten your son’s tie and say

how handsome he looked?

Did you hold your tearful daughter

when her teenage heart was broken?

Did you help her find some peace of mind,

although few words were spoken?

Did you help him choose a college

and get the applications sent?

Did you feel a little wistful

at how quickly the years went?

Did you help her pack a suitcase

and try hard not to cry?

Did you bravely smile and smooth her hair

as you hugged her good-bye?

Do you hold them in your prayers although

your arms must let them go?

Do you tell them that you love them,

so they will always know?

To make a home where love abides

is a great accomplishment

And to serve God as a mother is

to live a life well spent.

Cheryl Kirking

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