From Chicken Soup for the Mother of Preschooler's Soul


Like mother, like daughter.

English Proverb

My little Brittany wants to be like me. How scary is that?

The other day she watched me brush my teeth. A few nights later, she darted out of the bathroom with a wide, pearly-white grin. “I can brush my teeth just like you!”

“Oh, that’s nice, dear.” My response was casual.

“I even spit like you, too!” My head shot up as she vanished from my room.

Can I stand the pressure of this?

When I lean into the mirror to put on mascara, she leans in, too, and I feel her eyes on me. When I sing in the kitchen, she memorizes the words, and the next time she sings it with me. When I talk, she hangs on every word I say, every expression I utter, and I know she’ll repeat it all some day—in the exact tone of voice.

What an opportunity!

With her little eyes watching me, examining me and learning from me, I long to be my best, to live my best. To be a good example. To be the kind of person who merits mimicking. No words teach as powerfully as my actions.

What I do and say, how I do it and say it . . . Brittany is there. Aware. Ready to copy me. Wanting to be like me.

So, for now, it’s okay if she studies me—how I brush my teeth, put on mascara or sing a song. If she’s watching the little things, then I know she’s watching the big things. The important things. The traits and characteristics I hope to instill in her life, too.

How awesome is that?

Karin A. Lovold

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