From Chicken Soup for the Mother of Preschooler's Soul

A Window to Look Through

Making the decision to have a child—it’s momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.

Elizabeth Stone

She watches through her window, her little girl at play; Memories flood back to her childhood, of her yesterdays.

As she tucks her gift into bed and kisses her precious face, She says a prayer of protection, “Lord, keep my child safe.”

And as days turn months into years, she sees her little girl grow, And begins to realize that a time will come, the time when she must let go.

Suddenly, she hears a gentle voice saying, “No greater love is this, Than what you’ve done for your little girl; go seal it with a kiss.”

“Honey, I want to kiss your face, but I know I can’t by phone.

While looking through your bedroom window, I began to feel alone.

“So many days through this very window, I watched you laugh and play, And I can almost see you tucked in bed, the nights we talked and prayed.”

“Mom,” her daughter uttered, “there’s something I want to say.

You may not know how many times, I saw you watch me play.

“That window that you’re looking through is the same one God looked in.

He saw you by my bed each night when you’d tenderly tuck me in.

“So, Mom, please don’t feel all alone, you know I’ll always be there. . . .

Just like God is with you now, no matter the time or place or where.”

Her mother paused and then replied, “Sweetheart, I know you’re right.

You’re grown, married and have a child that you now tuck in at night.”

“Mom, I better go now; I have some things I better do.”

Her mom replied, “I know it, dear, you’ve got a window to look through.”

Brian G. Jett

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